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Bad Newbie, Bad

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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons [10 Feb 2007|06:04pm]

we discuss bitmap icons like this

if you are interested, Welcome!
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[06 Jun 2005|08:20pm]
wow this place is dead

*slips two yahoo ID'S under the door, and walks away innocently*


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[19 Apr 2003|11:42am]


i just did a new layout. or sign the gb.

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[13 Feb 2003|09:44pm]

loller this community is pretty dead

*touches gem in her 'ooooh' place*


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Oh, the humanity ... [01 Feb 2003|10:42am]
I really have nothing to say.

If you have not heard, turn on the TV, and watch ...


Oh, the humanity ...

And just a few days ago was the 17th anniversary of the Challenger disaster ...
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Yo~ [20 Jan 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | bored and sleepy ]

Hihii *waveums*. I just joined. Newbies make me puke. The end :D If anyone wants to talk to me on AIM I'm ChibiJrock. The end.

<3 Sakkie

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[26 Dec 2002|02:35pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Okay, so I have 3 domains up, well..I have 3 .coms with only 1 fully up..
So I get messages from website newbies that are like "HEEEY! How did you make your site so cool?", then I say "..With html and photoshop."


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I'm new =O [21 Dec 2002|07:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I saw this community and knew it was for me i hate newbies! Die newbies Die...

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Help wanted . . . [18 Dec 2002|09:59pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Feeling rather old, and out of touch with new music, I find myself saying who is that when I read the tracks listed in people's posts.

Tell me, who do you think I should give a listen to? Who should I download? What tracks? I feel lost ina sea of new(old)wave/punk/pop. I need something new to listen to! Please help!

Thank you for your support . . .

(sorry for the cross postings)

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[15 Dec 2002|12:17pm]

I am sorry but the Half Life mod Front line force needs to be changed to the name "Grenade". Just Grenade, because thats what it is. A grenade war. I have never seen that much grenade spam in my life. You cant get into decent combat at all, because the second you get someone in your crosshairs, your ass goes flying 25 feet because someone threw a grenade next to you. One thing I love about Firearms is that I can sit and snipe for long periods of time.

The reason I am posting this here is because the grenade spam in Front line force is very newbie'ish.. I like strategic grenade throwing. Not just throwing the grenade because you see someone. So once you get into a fire fight, you cant really dig in, because about 4 grenades will be thrown around you, and they are UBER powerful. Its so annoying.
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[14 Dec 2002|05:31am]

Hello, I am new to the community, I mostly joined because..well.. I have been called it before, but I dont consider myself one, but I could be known to some people as an Elite Gamer. No..I am not fat, lets please end the fat, zit faced stereo type of gamers. I hate newbies with a passion, but I must say that there was a time when we ALL were newbies, but I hate the newbies that have NO common sense.

Anyway, I love games, and if you want to say Hi..ever...come spam me on AIM on lifexsucide.. har har
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BLARGH [07 Dec 2002|10:12pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

That fscking post was supposed to have been an LJ cut! OMG, I'm so sorry about the length of that thing on the front page. GAAARRRRR!!

*head hitting desk repeatedly*...*sighs*

That's what I get for not closing a tag properly. Ack. Sorry!

-- Sarah

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why bad RPers suck [07 Dec 2002|10:09pm]

Cross-posted in bad_rpers_suck

I hate bad roleplayersCollapse )

This person is new to roleplaying, so I thought the gripe applied to this list as well. *sighs* I can hardly wait to see what their responses will be. Player B tends to be *really* nasty when people (no matter how politely) point out the slightest thing wrong with her character. The moderator tends to be really cool and open, so I don't think she'll have a problem listening to me. LOL -- Sarah

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[28 Nov 2002|03:31pm]

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My rant for today [27 Oct 2002|02:43am]

This is kinda on the vein of what I posted about on the first day I joined, about people who can't think up original user ids, aliases, profile names, screen names, whatever you call them.

My grumble today is about people who join an online play by email or message board post RP (role play, if you don't know) and then either create a character that is VERY similar to a real character from the setting you are RPing in, or they take on an already exsisting character but don't bother to try to play the character in-character, or, they want to play in your RP, but don't want to bother following your already-established rules or RP setting.

If that was confusing, here's an example:
I'm in a Star Wars RP, at the time our story was taking place 3 years after Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. One day this kid shows up and posts a message asking if he can play Darth Maul.
"Uh, no," we said, "Darth Maul is dead in the time frame we are playing in, he died 3 years ago."
"Oh, ok." the kid says, "then can I be Darth Vader?"
"Um, no, he doesn't exsist yet. You can play 12-year-old Anakin Skywalker if you'd like, no one's playing him yet."
"You guys are mean!" the kid says, "why won't you let me play Darth Vader or Darth Maul?"
"Because one's only 12 and the other's DEAD!"
"You're mean."

Then there's the guy who joined, decided to play Obi-Wan Kenobi, and in his first post says that Obi-Wan scribbles a note to his padawan apprentice saying "I'll be back soon, I'm going on a secret mission."

Needless to say the player got a little bit of a chewing-out about not playing in-character, a Jedi Master can't simply leave his apprentice behind like that.
In the end, I took over playing Anakin, so that the other guy could play Obi-Wan without having to play the apprentice too.

Anyway, that's my bit for today...
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[19 Oct 2002|08:13pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I just joined, through some various escapades about live journal.

My main beef is Live journal newbies. They all seem to IM me and ask for codes [because I have a paid account], so, yeah. I've been a member for over a year now, so I'm happy to say that I'm not^____^

[shakes head] What gives them the right to such harassment?! Oh well. I have a friend who stole some of my codes, too.. :P

I especially hate people who want help with layouts, or icons. I'm not that good to start with, and so it just bothers me. Then there are those very special people, who are perpetual newbies, and seem to exist only to curse our lives...

[sigh] Things that especially bother me: people asking a/s/l/pic?

Also role players who can't seem to get it through their minds that they need to update more than once a week, and they need to follow the plot... [shakes head] Yeah. I complain about that a lot, because I run a YuYuHakusho RP on livejournal...

Anyways, I know this was long, but I couldn't help myself...

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[06 Oct 2002|06:07pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Here's an amusing joint effort. This poor FF7 newbie is going to be wasting hours of his time, thanks to Mai and I. :)

[16:57] *** lildon88 (hawk@ca7678a2.91e0289f.net.hmsk) has joined #ffgurus
[16:58] [lildon88] aa
[16:58] [lildon88] I Am Sephiroth
[17:01] [lildon88] does any one know how to revive, aeris in ff7?
[17:01] [WTM2K] You don't.,
[17:01] [Mai] rofl
[17:01] [WTM2K] Aeris is dead.
[17:01] [Mai] @ anus to prove it
[17:01] [WTM2K] Get over it, man, she's gone./
[17:02] [lildon88] but there is extra limit breaks for her, such as great gospel
[17:03] *** lildon88 is now known as Sephiroth
[17:03] [Tifa] lildon, to revive aeris, you have to get the silver underwater chocobo, fight amethyst weapon in the secret underwater lab, and get the revive crystal :)
[17:03] *** Sephiroth is now known as sephiroth88
[17:04] [sephiroth88] thanx
[17:04] [Tifa] anytime :)
[17:04] [Mai] To get the silver underwater chocobo, you have to race in the chocobo racing 77times
[17:04] [Mai] with a poor chocobo
[17:04] [Mai] and win
[17:04] [Mai] you must win consequtively
[17:05] [sephiroth88] jeez, that harsh
[17:05] [Mai] Yup
[17:05] [Tifa] and you must always take the item rather than the GP when you win
[17:05] [Mai] but it's worth it
[17:06] [Mai] then the chick, i forgot her name, she'll be impressed and give you a silver underwater chocobo
[17:06] *** sephiroth88 is now known as sephiroth
[17:06] *** sephiroth is on IRC
[17:06] [sephiroth] why is it so quiet?
[17:06] [Mai] because it is not noisy
[17:06] [Tifa] it took me HOURS to do it all, but wow, i swear when i beat amethyst weapon it was the highlight of my whole gaming life
[17:07] [sephiroth] what is it's hp?
[17:07] [Tifa] i dont remember, but its a lot
[17:07] [Tifa] more than emerald weapon
[17:07] [Mai] and you must fight it with, uhm
[17:07] [Mai] Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie
[17:08] [Tifa] its heaps hard to beat, especially because you cant use materia
[17:08] [Mai] It locks up your magic
[17:08] [Tifa] well, not green materia anyway
[17:08] [Mai] just like in FF8!
[17:08] [Mai] i think it's really amazing how square links FF7 to FF8
[17:09] [sephiroth] how?
[17:09] [Mai] like, in FF8, when you go and fight Ultimecia, they lock up your skills and stuff!
[17:09] [Mai] they do that too in FF7
[17:09] [Mai] if you do this sidequest
[17:09] [Tifa] bringing aeris back to life is so overwhelming, there's so much more to do once she's back alive!!
[17:09] [Tifa] it just adds a whole new dimension to the game

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[29 Sep 2002|01:46pm]

[ mood | amused ]

what do they teach those british kids?Collapse )

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I'm a NEWBIE! [20 Sep 2002|08:15pm]

[ mood | blank ]

*big DRAMATIC GASP*...*drum roll*...



Yeah, so anyways, I'm Sarah. I mod an amalgamation of lists online. I have no problem with newbies. I have problems with certain types of newbies. You know...the ones who join and make posts like this:

hi i wud like 2 no what iz going on with this list what r the ruls? peace, love, and happy faces, ~*~*~stupid newbie~*~*~

Bear in mind that they ask you what the rules for the list are after the rules have been sent to them...

or newbies who join and have no concept of list etiquette, who choose to overlook a list's rules because, "I was, like, SO not acting that way!"

BAH! And then you have the newbies who have no concept of list etiquette in terms of typing -- like they don't understand that TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS CONSIDERED "YELLING." And please don't type in abbreviations. Is not typing out two letters *really* going to save you a whole lot of time in the grand scheme of things? No. It just makes you look like a moron in the grand scheme of things. Argh.

Anyways, I'm Sarah, and I maul newbies. ~>:)

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